No matter how specialised the requirements, we can offer a tailored solution.

Our Specialised and Capital Equipment Finance works to enhance the working capital cycle and allows businesses the freedom to use their existing capital to maximise growth.

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What is Capital Equipment?

What is Capital Equipment?

Capital Equipment is any equipment that would produce an income for a business, it can also be Income saving equipment such as generators and Solar. Sunlyn knows that the best way to grow a business is to increase its cash flow. We make it easy for companies to access the capital they need. Our Specialized and Capital Equipment Finance programme provides quick financial solutions that ensure businesses access the funds they need while limiting risk.
Every tailormade financial package is based on the needs and merits of our
client, with no minimum collateral requirements.

Sunlyn offers its clients financing options for movable assets such as equipment and vehicles that cost more than R250 000. These include leasing, instalment sale agreements, and rentals (from one or more suppliers). This type of funding has terms ranging from 24 to 60 months, and are available to businesses that have been trading for more than one year.

What are the benefits of Capital Equipment Finance?


Businesses can acquire equipment with little or no initial capital outlay, deposits or escalating costs.


Finance options are flexible enough to benefit any kind of business.


Working capital remains intact as deposits are negotiable.


Cash flow that would otherwise be locked into the life of the equipment is freed up.


Customised financial solutions meet the unique needs of each business.


Leverage the tax benefits of installment or lease payment plans.


Access customised financial solutions that include import financing, freight forwarding, customs clearing, and delivery.


Have the option to purchase new or used equipment thanks to an extended credit based on the life expectancy of the equipment.

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How does it work?

How does it work?

By financing the purchase of movable assets through financial leases, installment sales or rental agreements for periods of between 24 and 60 months, businesses are free to grow without compromising their working capital. Sunlyn is able to tailor-make unique financial solutions that include the ability to finance the importing, freight forwarding, clearing and delivery of equipment nationwide. Equipment or machinery can be new or used, because the extension of credit is dependent on the life expectancy of the purchase.

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