Get the edge over your competitors with the latest office technology

Buying expensive equipment can slow down cash flow. Sunlyn helps to
prevent this by paying suppliers on installation and then renting to our clients.
This eliminates the risk of late payments and increases cash flow for both suppliers and clients.

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What is Technology Finance?

What is Technology Finance?

Technology finance provides finance for any equipment that would be anxiallary to the nature of the business. E.g. telephone system, copier and laptop are non income producing but essential for the day to day running of any business

Types of Equipment:

  • Photocopiers and Printers
  • Information, Communication and Technology
  • Security equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • PABX

Benefits of Technology Finance through rentals


Working capital remains intact and no deposit is required.


Purchase of cutting-edge technology is facilitated.


Initial monthly rental fees can be reduced by applying an annual escalation, supported by the additional turnover generated by the equipment acquisition.


Rental implies not only that cash outflows are minimised, but that they become predictable, thereby enhancing the reliability of the firm’s business plan.


Existing credit lines are unaffected.


The monthly rental fee is tax deductible and no more than a small percentage of an up-front cash price.

We’re focused on bringing you the best for your business

We offer high levels of personal same-day service in all branches.

We assign dedicated Account Executives and back-up teams to all clients.

We train new suppliers and sales representatives in product awareness.

We provide customised solutions that benefit both suppliers and clients.

Need a financing solution for your office automation?

Apply now and let us help you find a tailored solution to meet your needs

Find out more

Find out more

How does it work?

How does it work?

Sunlyn is the finance partner of choice because collaborating with us allows clients to focus on their core businesses, rather than on cash flow. Cash outflows also become smaller and more predictable. Our annual escalation plan reduces monthly rental fees and our BEE status translates into procurement points.

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